Collect rewards by shopping at your favourite stores.

Receive Quipons directly to your phone. Send feedback to local businesses to help them serve you better!


For Consumers

  • Rewards for Shopping

    Collect points at local stores by making an eligible purchase and scanning a QuipCode.

    These points can then be redeemed for rewards at the location you earned the points. Multiple types of programs can be hosted by businesses, with some offering you special privileges or discounts for your patronage.

  • Store Cards on Your Phone

    Many reward programs are run from plastic cards that fill up your wallet. Quipin

    Quipin can scan the barcode from those cards and display it on your phone. You won't worry about forgetting your cards at home anymore, and you can free up space in your wallet or purse.

  • Offers, Just for You

    Get "Quipons" delivered directly to your phone. These are deals or coupons from businesses involved with Quipintm.

    Do you frequent an establishment with a Quipin program? They could send you a Quipon as an extra thank you for your business, or to let you know about a limited-time offer.

  • Send Feedback

    Do you ever want to make sure the business owners know you got great service from an employee? Or did you have an unpleasant experience and want to let the business know so it doesn't happen again?

    Quipin allows you to send feedback to businesses and receive responses from them, so you know they get the message.

For Businesses

  • Loyalty & Retention

    Loyalty programs are a proven way to drive sales. Quipin allows businesses to run a mobile loyalty program without the cost associated with developing their own application. Drive repeat sales by encouraging loyalty and increased retention among customers through a versatile application that allows businesses to create a unique program.

  • Direct Marketing

    Customers will receive notifications on their phones when businesses send targeted Quipons (coupons or offers) or messages to people who are involved in their loyalty programs. Segment customers based on age, sex, and frequency of visits.

  • Communication

    Get to know customers and respond in a timely manner to their feedback. Customers can give businesses ratings on their visit and include an explanation for their rating. This will then go to a private feedback inbox. From there, businesses can manage the experience of their customers and build great relationships.

  • Analytics

    Traditional paper loyalty programs or coupons cannot provide detailed information without extensive POS integration. With Quipin you get to know who your customers are, how often they collect rewards and points, and if they have used any of the Quipons that have been sent to them. With Quipin, businesses can make evidence-based marketing decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that was not answered here? Send us an email at with your questions!

Once you have Quipin downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play, open the app. Tap the button "Sign Up" and enter your information into the fields, then hit submit. An email will be sent to the email address provided with a verification link. Open the link and you're all set.

In a Rush?

You can start to collect points and store cards quickly by pressing Quick Start from the main screen and then tap Okay, Let's Get Started. This is a temporary account, so please be sure to complete the sign up process afterwards. You can collect points in a temporary account, but cannot redeem. To complete your sign up, go to Options on the menu at the bottom of the screen, and select Sign Up. Fill in the fields and click Submit. An email with a verification link will be sent.

If you have completed the sign up process on your old phone, you can just enter your email and password when you open the application on your new phone. All of your cards, points, Quipons, and messages will load automatically.

Don't panic! You can reset your password two ways.

If you are logged out:

Enter your email in the log in screen, and select Forgot My Password. An email will then be sent with a link to our website to enter a new password.

If you are still logged in to Quipin:

Reset your password from the Options menu.

QuipCards are loyalty programs run through Quipin. Businesses set up QuipCards when they sign up with us, and they get added to your account as you scan at their locations. Their QuipCards are listed on the main page of the app, after you have logged in. They provide information regarding points collected and points needed for various rewards. You can send feedback about the service from their QuipCard and some cards will have a "card back" with more detailed information. You can access the card back by tapping the More button when it appears on your QuipCard. If a business has not set up a card back, you will not see a More button.

You can collect points by scanning a code at a participating location. Some businesses will require an eligible purchase, others may have a check-in type of program. These codes can be scanned from the front screen of Quipin by clicking Scan Now. There will be different codes to scan to collect points and to redeem points. Speak with the retailers for details on their programs and check out for more information.

You can store your other, non-Quipin related loyalty cards on your phone with Quipin.

To add a card:

All you have to do is click on Loyalty on the menu at the bottom of the screen, and click on New Card. This will give you the option to name your card and enter the card number, either by scanning or entering it manually. When you are done entering all the information, click Save Card. You should now see the card in your list of Loyalty cards. You can tap the card to bring up the card information.

There are many different types of phones, barcodes, and scanners out there. Some phone screens might not display the barcode clearly, and some scanners have trouble reading the barcode off phones. To ensure that you don't miss out on getting your points, Quipin displays the card number so the cashier can manually enter the number.

Helpful hints: Try putting the brightness on the phone to full. Hand held scanners tend to work better than bed scanners (the ones built into the counters at stores). The optimal distance from the scanner is around 6 inches.

Select the loyalty card from the list and select the Delete button.

Alternately, you can delete any loyalty card you have entered by selecting the barcode from the list and holding down for about 3 seconds. A menu will pop up asking if you would like to delete the card. Select Yes, then enter the card information again.

Quipons are coupons sent directly to you by businesses. You can see the list of offers sent by selecting Quipons from the menu on the bottom of the application. Click on an offer in the list to see the details of the Quipon. These might be time sensitive, or personalised just for you. Be sure to check back often.

There are several ways to get it off your list. You can select and hold down on the message to have the delete option pop up. There is also a Delete button in the top right corner of the screen when viewing the Quipon.

Messages can only be sent to you from businesses that you have scanned at. These conversations can start with the feedback you send them, or by the business sending you a private message. You can communicate directly with the business to ensure that your needs are met and to let them know how well they are doing. Messages can be deleted just like Quipons, by holding down for 3 seconds or by selecting the Delete button when they are open.


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